Summer LBD: the little black dress for summer

The little black dress, a staple in women’s fashion for decades ever since Coco Chanel featured it in Vogue in 1926. It has tested the most trying times but always came out the other end. Being so resilient it will be no surprise to find that even your grandmother was sporting one.The best type of little black dresses are the simplest, which allows you to adapt to suit the particular event you are attending. There are so many ways to rock a black dress to show of your personal style that the options are endless.

Pops of colour- For the summer season and any season for that matter adding pops of colour to your black dress will help to brighten your look. Areas to add colour are your shoes and bag which will become the statement of your outfit. To prevent becoming too loud keep your jewellery simple as you want your shoes and bag to be the main feature.

Accessorise- Statement Jewellery will always be in trend and is a great way to add glam to your outfit. Remember with Jewellery it is all about balance. So if you choose a statement earring keep the neck area bare adnd opt for rings and bracelets to prevent you from looking top heavy.

The little black dress can also be worn casual, of course depending on the style. If you do have a very simple black dress you can add jeans jacket, pumps and a hat (fedora or even a beanie) keeping the jewellery minimal.

A belt is a perfect addition especially for hourglass shapes or if you are aiming for more a feminine look. It will help to accentuate your waist giving that much desired hourglass shape.

Don’t forget the hair, your hair is still part of your outfit and look so when deciding on your hairstyle ensure that it suits the look you are going for. Beach waves are great for more casual look, where as slicked hair suits the evening look. Hair accessories such as hair brooches, flowers, hair wraps all can finish up a look.

The little black dress has been a fashion staple for decades for a reason. Its adaptability and uniformed look will suit women from all walks of live. So next time when you are struggling to find something pick up your trusty black dress and accessorise.