Suits in the summer: get the right balance

Suits in the summer can be tricky for anyone even the most devout suit wearer. Unlike winter where layering is beneficial summer time is more about ventilating to keep you cool. In business or office work we all want to be taken serious, hence the reason why suits are the go to for most women. However, the key is to maintain your femininity.

Skirt suits are so much better than pant suits especially in the summer. Keep skirts knee length or even better for this summer’s trend midi skirts. You can never go wrong with a midi skirt, it covers up all the right places and there is less chance for the marilyn monroe wind moment which only really looks good on her. The perk with wearing skirts is that it gives you the ‘I should be taken serious look’ whilst still maintaining your femininity.

Wide leg trouser is another massive trend this season and you can see why. It helps to elongate your legs making it great for the petite ladies. Furthermore, it is the perfect transition wear for after work events . It keeps your legs ventilated and airy whilst still looking stylish. Wear with loose button down shirt and for those windy days a sleeves vest will help to keep you warm.

Dress suits are even better especially for the hot days as you can take off the jacket. To keep on with the trend you can even wear jacket off the shoulder as seen on many celebs this season.

Accessories make any outfit and should be used to compliment your outfit. For office look keep the jewellery minimal but adding pieces of statement jewellery. Statement rings are great for adding statement without looking over the top.

As we all know heels will alway look better than flats especially when it comes to suits. Mid heels are great for you ladies that have a love hate relationship with heels.

Suits in the summer can be tricky but for a lot of women it is unavoidable. The key with wearing suits in the summer is keeping it simple and upping your game with accessories.